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Macro/i FF

镜头测试 Lens Test

Lens Test Include: Macro test

A set of three complementary macro lenses, performance matched to the S8/i FF, Varotal/i FF and S7/i FF and featuring the iconic Cooke Look™. Expanded focus scale marks for shooting as normal focus lenses, with the ability to close focus down to 1:1 macro. These unique macro lenses are equally at home for principal photography and table top product close-up shots.

Cooke的微距镜头组是一组三个互补的微距镜头,性能与 S8/i FF、Varotal/i FF 和 S7/i FF 相匹配,并具有标志性的 Cooke Look。扩展的对焦刻度标记可像普通对焦镜头一样进行拍摄,并且能够将对焦缩小至 1:1 微距。这些独特的微距镜头同样适合主要摄影和桌面产品特写镜头。

Cooke Macro/i FF
Cooke Macro/i FF
Cooke Macro/i FF
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